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Weather Closures

Closings or Delays

Keller Hall covered in snowIn the event of inclement weather and class cancellation, final exams, and absences, the following information about weather closures and delays is to be followed.

University of Dayton Facilities Management in coordination with the Provost decides whether to close the University or delay classes on account of weather, including the School of Law.  

  • The decision to close or delay will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.
  • Cancellation of evening class will be decided by 2:30 p.m.

A closing or delay at the University means that the following will be closed or delayed: Classes, University offices, the School of Law, UDRI and the Bombeck Family Learning Center.  In case of delay, the Bombeck Family Learning Center will open one half hour before the University does, and in the event the University closes during the day, the Bombeck Center will remain open for one hour to allow for parents to pick up their children.

WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV, and the Porches website will post closure and delay announcements. The University will also notify all faculty, staff, and students via email of University closings or delays.

If the University of Dayton is open but the county, city or township in which you live has a Level 3 Snow Emergency (all roads are closed to non-emergency personnel), students should notify the faculty member for each class affected.  Because this is among the anticipated events contemplated in the attendance policy, missing class for this reason is not an excused absence.

If the University is closed anytime during the Fall Semester Law School final exam period, the make-up day for exams will be announced by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.


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