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Kloppenberg Student Leadership Award

Kloppenberg Student Leadership Award

Lisa A. Kloppenberg served as the Dean of University of Dayton School of Law from 2001 to 2011. During her tenure, Dean Kloppenberg masterfully guided the School of Law toward excellence. She helped create the "Lawyer as Problem Solver" curriculum, which garnered the School of Law national recognition for its innovative approach toward educating the attorneys of tomorrow.

In addition, Dean Kloppenberg successfully published dozens of publications during her tenure as Dean of the School of Law. One key publication was the co-authoring of the Resolving Disputes, Theory, Practice and Law textbook. Another important publication was the article Playing It Safe, How the Supreme Court Sidesteps Hard Cases and Stunts the Development of Law.

Finally, Dean Kloppenberg challenged all members of the School of Law to pursue excellence through public service and community engagement. During Dean Kloppenberg's time as Dean, students dedicated an average of over 8,000 hours of community service to the Greater Dayton community each year. The Student Bar Association honored Dean Kloppenberg's service by creating the Lisa A. Kloppenberg Outstanding Student Leadership Award.

Award Overview

This award recognizes a graduating law student who exhibits leadership traits similar to those exemplified by Dean Kloppenberg. Nominated students must demonstrate a record of (1) significant contributions to, and involvement with, the School of Law, (2) academic contributions to the profession, and (3) commitment to public service and community engagement.

Eligible students must be graduating third-year law students with good academic standing.


2011 - Adam D. Petty
2012 - Christopher G. Hempfling and James C. Kezele
2013 - Kevin John Conner
2014 - Andrew William Hughes
2015 - Joseph John Latas
2016 - Michelle Thompson Sundgaard
2017 - LeighAnn M. Thomas
2018 - Elizabeth A. Herdmann
2019 - Antonio Ayubi
2021 - Carly Suierveld
2022 - Lauren Breitenstein
2023 - Wendy Palmer
2024 - Daniel Wiest

Nomination Information

Any member of the University of Dayton School of Law community (students, faculty, administration, or staff) may nominate a graduating 3L for the Lisa A. Kloppenberg Outstanding Student Leadership Award. Nominators must complete the attached Nomination Form and submit the Form to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Nominated students may be asked to furnish a resume.

The Selection Committee will consist of the following: (1) Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (Committee Chairperson), (2) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, (3) 2L Class President, (4) lL Class President, (5) Dean of the School of Law (if available), and (6) Lisa A. Kloppenberg (if available).

The Committee Chairperson may use his/her discretion in conducting meetings with the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will aspire to make the selection process as efficient, effective, and fair as possible.

Lisa A. Kloppenberg Outstanding Student Leadership Award

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