New Student Organizations are Encouraged

New student organizations are always welcomed. To receive funding from the Student Bar Association and to use law school facilities, a student organization must be formally recognized. The requirements for recognition are few, and the process is easy:

  1. Schedule a meeting with the assistant dean of student affairs to discuss strategy (e.g., how to publicize your new organization, how to find an advisor, etc.). To schedule an appointment, contact the Office of Student Affairs here.
  2. Solicit members. There is no minimum number required.
  3. Find a faculty advisor.
  4. Draft a constitution. The Dean's office has many constitutions on file that may be used as models.
  5. Elect officers.
  6. Set and collect dues.
  7. Schedule a follow-up meeting with the assistant dean of student affairs to confirm the organization’s status, obtain space in the student organization suite, etc.

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