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Online Registration

Instructions for Online Registration

  1. Login to Porches with your LDAP/Novell username and password. Go to the Flyers First/Student Accts tab, under Student Tools select View Holds. Remember, unresolved holds will prohibit you from registering. 
  2. Go back to Student Tools and click on Registration Status. Select a Term, e.g., Fall 2015-Law and click Submit. This will display your Time Ticket, which informs you of the date and time you are registering for classes and whether or not you have any holds on your account that will prevent you from registering.  If you do not see a Time Ticket, contact me directly at
  3. In the Search by Term area, choose the specific Law Term, e.g., Spring 2016-Law. 
  4. In the Subject area, highlight/select Law; select Course Search.
  5. Search and Register Classes: Click the Register button each time you select a course. This method of registering ensures that you will have a seat in the class if no other errors or section closings prevent you from registering. This method is recommended when you are aware that space in a particular course is limited or close to being full.
  6. If you get closed out of a course, you can request to be added to the closed course list by emailing the Registrar’s Office. Mary Beth Miller, who is in charge of managing that wait list, will place your name on the list in the order in which the email was received. You will be contacted by the Registrar's Office, via email, when/if a seat becomes available.
  7. Students may change their classes online prior to the first day of the term by selecting the Add or Drop Classes link under the Student Tools channel. Beginning the first day of the semester, all drops and adds must be conducted through the Registrar's Office by email or completing a Drop/Add Form. Any drops/withdrawals during this time will be subject to the refund penalties set-up by the university. (refund penalty link)

More details about registering online are available on the Academics tab on Porches.

You are responsible for monitoring your own progress in completing requirements for graduation. If you wish to confirm your degree status, submit a student request form to request a degree audit.

Online Registration FAQs

How will I know if I am registered or if I have registered correctly?
After you complete your registration, you may check your schedule by returning to your main menu and selecting “Student Schedule.” Your schedule will appear. If you need to make changes after your initial registration, select “Add or Drop Classes” and make your changes.

Will I be added to the waitlist for closed courses?
This is not an automatic process. If you are closed out of a course, email the Registrar's Office. You will be added to the waitlist based on the arrival time of your email, and notified when a seat becomes available.

How can I drop and add courses?
You will be able to drop and add courses online after your initial registration until the first day of class. From the registration menu in Porches, select “Add or Drop Classes.” Your schedule will appear. Each course listed will include a small “Action” menu. Select “Drop on Web” to drop the course. To add courses, go to the “Add Classes Worksheet” directly below your schedule. You will be able to search for classes and enter CRN’s in your worksheet, and then click the “Submit Changes” button.

Beginning the first day of class you will be required to submit a drop/add form to the School of Law Registrar’s Office in order to make schedule changes.

Why won’t it allow me to register?
If there are holds on your student account, you will not be permitted to register online. On Porches, check your registration status prior to your registration period. Select “Student Records,” then “View Holds.” Any holds on your account will be listed. 

There are also instructions for checking your student account when your registration period is open included in the online registration instructions you have received.

Am I guaranteed a seat in all my required and concentration courses?
Yes. Section assignments are not guaranteed. Registration is first-come, first-served.

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