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School of Law | UDSL Enters into Pipeline Pact with Central State

UDSL Enters into Pipeline Pact with Central State

The School of Law has entered into an agreement with Central State University, a historically black college in nearby Wilberforce, Ohio, to help prepare students for law school and recruit them to attend UDSL.

Dayton Law is one of four Ohio law schools signing such an agreement with Central State.

Janet Hein, the assistant dean and director of admissions and financial aid, said the agreement is just one of many initiatives the School of Law undertakes to ensure we have a diverse applicant pool.

The agreement also helps the School expand its outreach across Ohio. "It helps us get out in the community and gets us known for supporting the community," she said.

It also helps the School build a close relationship with another Ohio college, and helps more Central State students better prepare for law school, she said.

To be admitted to the University of Dayton School of Law, program participants must successfully graduate from CSU with a minimum 3.25 GPA; volunteer in community service activities; pass a yearly review of their character and fitness; achieve a strong LSAT score; and be approved by the School of Law Admissions Committee.

They will also receive a UDSL-CSU Law Scholar Award worth $4,000 to $7,000 for their first two semesters. Students would continue to receive financial support provide they remain in good standing at the end of the preceding two semesters.

Central State students will be offered various opportunities to help prepare them for the LSAT and law school as well as to learn more about the law school experience through social events and classroom visits at UDSL.

CSU freshman enrolled in the prelaw program will have a chance to visit Dayton Law and attend a lecture, tour Keller Hall and participate in an information session with UDSL admissions counselors, faculty and students.

Central State sophomores will be offered scholarships to attend UD's LSAT Prep Course, sponsored by UD's prelaw program and will shadow law students to better understand the law school experience.

And juniors will participate in a community service activity with UDSL students and participate in a Dayton Law-sponsored Application Preparation Workshop on the Central State campus.

A week after the agreement was formalized, a group of Central State students visited the School of Law, sitting in on a class and visiting with current law students.

Hein said that the School would eventually like to have at least five to 10 CSU students enrolled.

"Since we're working with these students and developing relationships," Hein said, "we hope that by the time they are ready to begin law school they will be very interested in us and will choose us over other schools because of the support we have provided them through this agreement."


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