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School of Law | Ohio Chief Justice Visits Summer Program

Ohio Chief Justice Visits Summer Program

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Eric Brown was the most notable member of the legal profession to visit with students participating in UDSL's Law and Leadership Summer Institute.

Speaking in the Heck Courtroom, Brown peppered the students with questions not only about the law and the justice system but also about their goals and ambitions. "Do what you love," he told the students. "Do what you're good at."

He also talked with the students about how a judge reaches decisions regarding bail, the use of evidence, and how to determine the sentence of somebody convicted of a crime. He said as a judge he looks for opportunities to help people and fix problems. "Do the right thing and try to make the world a better place," he said.

Brown visited many of the Law and Leadership Summer Institutes, which took place in five other Ohio law schools this summer.

The goal of the program is to establish and sustain a "pipeline" into higher education and the legal profession for disadvantaged students from under-represented backgrounds and areas. Dayton was one of six sites in Ohio participating in the program this summer.


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