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School of Law | Moot Court Readies for Tournaments

Moot Court Readies for Tournaments

UDSL started gearing up in late November for the moot court tournament season with the Walter H. Rice Competition, an intra-school competition used to form this year¿s teams. The team¿s 10 members will compete around the country in tournaments covering wide areas of the law.

"What's so great about Moot Court is that you actually get to stand up before a panel of judges and apply your legal knowledge in way that's different than any other class or organization," said 3L Kellie Clark, a 3L from Indianapolis who is chief justice of the Moot Court Board.

The Walter H. Rice Competition takes place after the students who have taken the Appellate Practice and Procedure class finish their initial round of oral arguments, which is a class requirement. The top 30 students, based on brief and oral argument scores, are asked to participate in the Walter H. Rice Competition.

After each of the competing students argues both on brief (arguing the same side that they did when they wrote the brief) and off brief (arguing for the other side), the top 10 students are chosen for the UDSL Moot Court team.

The top ten students who will compose the Moot Court teams and represent UDSL in outside competitions next semester are: Corey Artim, William Harrelson, Walter (Chip) Herin, Jillian Marconi, James Miller, Brian Muenchenbach, Breandan O'Donnell, Joseph Rusch, John Smiley and Carrie Winteregg.

All 10 students competed once more to choose two students, Winteregg and Muenchenbach, who argued a case in the Heck Courtroom for the finals in front of Judges Walter H. Rice, James A. Brogan and Jeffrey E. Froelich.

Both competitors were praised by the judges for their arguments. Winteregg was named the winner of the intraschool tournament. Muenchenbach won the best brief awards for the appellant's brief, and Herin won for the appellee's brief.

"As chief justice, my goal for the UDSL Moot Court team going into this year was to put together the most effective teams possible and send them to interesting and challenging competitions," Clark said. "The Walter H. Rice Competition was a great success this year, and I think the other board members, as well as our faculty advisor, Professor Sheila Miller, made that possible. Everyone worked incredibly hard and it paid off in the end. Further, the competitors this year were outstanding."

Members of the Moot Court team participated in a Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition in Chicago this fall. This spring team members will participate in competitions in Washington D.C., New York City, Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis. The competitions will focus on bankruptcy, constitutional law, space law and criminal law.

The Moot Court Board includes Clark, Greg Booth, Crosley Johnson, Chelsea Spangler and Tanner Shultz. Booth and Chelsea Spangler were in charge of coordinating the Walter H. Rice Competition.


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