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Online LL.M. Webinars

Online LL.M. Program Overview

Margaret Ioannides, Assistant Dean for Online LL.M. Programs for the University of Dayton School of Law, provides background information about the law school and a comprehensive overview of the 100% Online LL.M. Program in American and Transnational Law. Margaret discusses the online learning format, potential career opportunities, bar exam eligibility, financial aid, curriculum, and course information, as well as answers general questions like “what is an LLM?”

Bar Preparation for Online LL.M. Students

Professor Micheline Kidwell, Director of Bar Preparation at the University of Dayton School of Law, discusses important information about the bar exam for our Online LL.M. students. This session will also be helpful for any foreign-trained law students and students from unaccredited law schools who need to take the bar exam. Topics covered include a comprehensive bar exam overview, how to determine where to sit for the exam, important ways to plan ahead for the exam, how to write a bar-style essay, common Q&As, and a first-hand account from an Online LL.M. graduate.

LL.M. Career Opportunities and Job Search Strategies

Check out this 1 hour webinar with Tim Swensen, Assistant Dean and Director of Career Services at University of Dayton School of Law. Dean Swensen discussed career opportunities and job search strategies for internationally educated attorneys and LL.M. graduates.

Online LL.M. Program

Margaret Ioannides, Assistant Dean for Online LL.M. Programs

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