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Korea Program

Korea Program

Aerial view of campusDayton Law offers online courses each year for students in Korea during the summer and winter months. Courses will be taught by our full-time faculty and other professors who have experience teaching U.S. law to international students.

u.s. bar eligibility

Students in this program do not obtain a degree; however, they do obtain grades and credits (up to 26 credits) for the courses completed. While Dayton Law does not guarantee bar eligibility, and this program is not specifically designed as a U.S. bar preparation program, students who have met all other applicable bar qualifications have been able to use the credits earned through this program as part of the requirements for U.S. bar eligibility. We encourage students who may be interested in taking the bar exam in the United States to review the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements that is published by the National Conference of Bar Examiners and to contact the state bar for which they seek admission.

More Information
If you would like to learn more about this program or register for classes, please email Professor Jeff Schmitt at

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