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Consumer Product Safety Commission

American Physical Therapists Association

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Ohio Athletic Trainers Association

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Ohio High School Athletic Association

Athletic Business

Ohio Administrative Code (Use the search mechanism to go to Chapter 4755, Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers Board)

Journal Articles

Andrew Murr, Sports Waivers: An Exercise in Futility?, 31 J.L. & Educ. 114 (2002).

John O. Spengler & Brian P. Burket, Sport Safety Statutes and Inherent Risk: A Comparison Study of Sport Specific Legislation, 11 J. Legal Aspects of Sport 135 (2001).

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"A Symposium on Torts and Sports," 38 Washburn Law Journal 771 (1999)

"Liability for Personal Injuries Sustained in Sporting Events After Jaworski v. Kiernan," 18 QLR 307 (1998): Rembish, Mark M.

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Library Materials

Products Liability

You can look up specific products to see if there has been any recalls or litigation concerning them.

  • Product Safety and Liability ReporteKF1296 .A6 B87
  • American Law of Products Liability 3d KF1296 .A6 A54
  • Consumer Product Safety Guide KF3945 .A6 C6

Sports Law

Generalized treatment of the subject matter. Resources should contain chapters on relevant areas.

  • Virginia Journal of Sports and the Law PERIODICAL
  • The Sports Lawyers Journal PERIODICAL
  • Seton Hall Journal of Sport Law PERIODICAL
  • Marquette Sports Law Review PERIODICAL
  • Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport PERIODICAL
  • Sports Law: Cases and Materials KF3989 .A7 Y37 1990
  • Fundamentals of Sports Law KF3989 .C47 1990
  • Law of Professional and Amateur Sports KF3989 .L38 1988
  • Sports Law in a Nutshell KF3989 .Z9 C48 1993
  • Sports Law for Educational Institutions KF4166 .A7 W33 1988
  • Essentials of Amateur Sports Law, 2d ed. KF4166 .W66 1994

Torts and Liability

  • Educational Tort Liability and Malpractice KF1310 .C66
  • From the Gym to the Jury: Who Really Pays the Price for Negligence KF1310 .A96
  • Drugs in Litigation KF1297 .D7 A4935 (Find out about the drugs that people are going to court over)
  • Aquatic Injuries: Evaluation and Strategy KF1290 .S66 G55 1990
  • Torts and Sports: Legal Liability in Professional and Amateur Athletics Sports and Recreational Injuries KF1290 .S66 R54 1985
  • Legal Liability and Risk Management for Public and Private Entities: Sport and Physical Education, Leisure Services, Recreation and Parks, Camping and Adventure Activities KF1290 .S66 V363 1990

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