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PILT Students

Are You a PILT Student?

Classroom of students with the professor at the frontSince the Program in Law and Technology (PILT) began in 1989, the law school has attracted significant numbers of students interested in law and technology. Generally, 20 to 30 percent of the students entering the law school express an interest in PILT, and significant numbers of students are interested in patent law.

The quality of the students in the program is noteworthy. Our students are hard working and highly motivated. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and many have worked professionally for a number of years before coming to law school.

They are also a geographically diverse group. Dayton attracts students from all over the United States - from about 200 different colleges in more than 35 states and a number of foreign countries. Many of these students have chosen Dayton because of the Program in Law and Technology.

There is no specific undergraduate background required for the program, however. Students in the program have undergraduate backgrounds in every conceivable major. In recent years, these majors have included liberal arts (economics, English, history, journalism, mathematics, music, philosophy), social science (government, political science), science (biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology), engineering (aerospace, biomedical, ceramic, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical), business (accounting, finance, marketing, MIS), and other (computer science, prelaw). One aspect of patent law (patent prosecution) requires a background in science and engineering, yet other areas of patent practice do not require this background.

With the Internet playing such a significant role in and out of the courtroom, more and more employers need attorneys with an understanding of and an interest in the legal issues raised by this technology. The courses offered by the Program in Law and Technology prepare students for work in this area.


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