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Online Hybrid J.D. Student and Alumni Spotlights

Lea Bay

Lea Bay

Bachelor in Business Administration, Emory University
Master of Business Administration, Georgia State University
Master of Health Administration, Georgia State University

Why did you choose to pursue your J.D. online?
I have 16-year-old twins, and most of their schooling has been through a virtual platform. As their learning coach, I had already become a convert to the delivery of education at home. I liked the efficiency of it, and how it is possible to learn when you’re at your best. So if you have an online learning module or recording, you can choose when and how you’re going to approach the work.

Do you see any advantages or benefits to the online format versus the more traditional in-person on-campus format?
They always say that law students should be constantly practicing for the bar. Asynchronous material tests our knowledge constantly, even though it’s not a big portion of our grade. Completing the asynchronous material online requires you to review the materials that you read each week as well as reinforces key principles. The professors ask you to answer bar-style multiple-choice questions, prepare bar-style essays, post an opinion on a discussion board and more. This allows the professors to see not only whether you’re grasping the concepts, but also if you’re able to actually present the information back. All of these tools that are built into the platform. Some people wait until the very last minute and cram for the big exam, but you really can’t do that here because you have to get into the material every week.

Can you talk about Get REAL weeks and how they enhance your learning?
My professors and student success advisor prepared me well. I knew what to wear, what to bring, what books I needed and more. The weekend was packed in a good way. We had a lot of panels of third-year law students or lawyers in the community. We watched a legal-based feature film. We had projects that involved doing law library work — actually going into the law library and understanding how you would access the books that we access digitally in a law library. We had several practice essay sessions that not only helped us prepare for our midterm and final, but also the bar. The University of Dayton takes a bar preparation approach, so that was our first taste of the exam. We definitely went back to our hotel rooms mentally and physically spent for the day but ready and excited for the next.

Would you recommend an online J.D. program like University of Dayton’s to others?
Absolutely. We always laugh about being the guinea pigs, but it’s cool that we’re out there where very few have gone before. The program is amazing. I mean, I am just so impressed. Top-notch faculty delivered in this premium technology platform, with the opportunity to customize your learning. I am constantly inspired by my fellow students who have small children and full-time challenging jobs. One student has a lot of travel in his job and he has even done the live class on the plane! My fellow students really show that this program provides very few excuses not to be able to learn and do the work to become a lawyer.


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