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Online Hybrid J.D. Get REAL Intensive

Get REAL Intensive Sample Schedule

Throughout your Online Hybrid J.D. experience, you will be required to come to the University of Dayton’s campus four times for Get Relevant Experience and Applied Learning (REAL) intensives.

Get REAL intensives will occur as follows:

Fall Term

Spring Term

Year 1

1 Weekend (orientation)


Year 2

1 Weekend            (OR)

1 Weekend

Year 3

1 Weekend            (OR)

1 Weekend

Year 4

1 Weekend   (Bar Prep)  (OR)      

1 Weekend (Bar Prep)

For our entering class, students will come to campus at the start of the Fall term and participate alongside our residential students in orientation and pre-law school skills classes.  

Students in our second- and third-year focus on experiential learning. During each of these years, students will have the opportunity to choose between the Fall or Spring Get REAL intensives to experience hands-on co-curricular activities and skills-based sessions (of various topics).

Finally, our students in their last year will be required to attend a Bar Exam prep intensive either Fall or Spring term.


School of Law

Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2760