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Our Students' Vital Advocacy Work

Students Assist with International Human Rights Endeavors

Students in a classroomOur students are working on projects like these that promote the work being done at the Human Rights Center:

• After 50 years of civil war, the Colombian government recently concluded a peace agreement with the rebel FARC movement. As Colombians look to a new future, our students will be supporting projects to promote university-level peace education in Colombia and to advise citizens’ organizations about their rights and strategies for redress after a half-century of human rights violations.

• Many people don’t realize that slavery persists in the world today. When it does, the goods produced with forced labor can work their way into the global supply chain and end up right here in the United States. That is exactly what is happening with certain Brazilian products such as beef, leather and hardwood. Students in our Civil Clinic are working with the Center to employ all viable legal avenues to bar such goods from the United States.

• With plans in the works to accelerate the deportation of undocumented families and to build a Mexican border wall, immigration along America’s southern border has become a major political issue. These plans have many implications for human rights, and working with the Collaborative’s U.S.-Mexico Border Rights project, along with the Hope Border Institute, our students are becoming important legal participants in the drama that is unfolding.  

• Two of the nation’s most traveled interstate highways, I-75 and I-70, intersect just north of Dayton, turning the region into a hub for human trafficking. Working on behalf of the Collaborative with the Ohio Attorney General, our students are developing and implementing strategies to combat this fundamental violation of basic human rights.


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