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2019 Dean's Fellows

The Paul McGreal Fellow
Davis Schwartz
I hope to instill confidence and clarity in the incoming students. Engaging with others is my forte. Being a 1L is a turbulent time, but exhilarating in every facet. Most of this turbulence derives from the mystique that law school cascades upon incoming students. In my opinion, incoming students need a steady hand to guide them through the process. My goal is to use my compassion and energy to nurture these new students at the start of their law school career.
Online Hybrid
Kingsley Alarcon
I feel that my diverse background and experiences will make me an approachable figure for my future colleagues and will bring an aspect to the Dean's Fellow program that many others may not offer. My background has given me a comfortability amongst others and the ability to connect with many people on a personal basis. This will be crucial in helping my future colleagues feel comfortable and excited about interacting within the UDSL community.
Adrielle Lassalle
The rigor of law school affects everyone differently, but for those who do face distressing moments I want to be available for them. While conquering law school can be a tumultuous time, it does not have to be a road traveled alone. Just as previous Dean Fellows have been there for me in my time of need, I wish to pay it forward to incoming students who will need a reliable friend to encourage them.
Derek Muncy
Every law student is unique and struggles with different burdens. The challenges law school presents have given me an opportunity to grow academically and personally. My goal is to help other students grow from the struggles we face in law school. Also, I am fortunate to have developed a great network in Dayton. Being a Dean's Fellow allows me to continue to connect others to my network. I strive to be the best advocate and representative of the Gem City and UDSL that I can possibly be.
Cali Anne Cleaves
Being a Dean’s Fellow would provide me the opportunity to use the gifts of my brain and the gifts of my experiences to step into the shoes of those who have taken the time to understand me as an individual and find where and how I need guidance to better be a mentor to me, and be that person to someone in the incoming 1L class. More importantly, being a Dean’s Fellow would allow me to help others to treat their differences carefully and welcome them as gifts, just as my mentors and professors have done for me.
Taylor Gillespie
I am excited about the prospect of becoming a Dean’s Fellow as I believe I can help first year law students find stability and confidence throughout their journey at UDSL. I can be a resource for students in managing their time and work load. I have the experience to offer advice and guidance on accessing the resources UDSL offers. The first year of law school holds many adventures, opportunities, and challenges. As a Dean’s Fellow, I can provide the assistance and support needed to help first year students achieve academic success.
Kensy Gordon
I want to help future 1Ls to be not only academically successful but also have decent well-being. The gym is my outlet to cope with the stress of law school, and I want to help future students find their unique outlet. It would be an honor to be an advocate for UDSL and help future students be both emotionally and academically successful.
Mickenzie Grubb
I have found that being involved in the law school community has added tremendously to my experience at this school. As a Dean’s Fellow, I will communicate to my assigned students the importance of getting involved and connecting with their peers. With my ability to adapt to new environments and work cohesively with others, I not only became close with the Student Bar Association, but also have made life-long friends in my class whom have significantly added to my experience at this law school.
Maggie Miles
Although my time in law school has been positive, I nonetheless experienced the typical struggles of a 1L student. In response, I sought out and received significant support from faculty, staff, and fellow law students. I am looking forward to providing the same to incoming students personally and connecting students with the many resources that exist beyond the Dean’s Fellow program. 
Kseniia Mironova
Achieving an appropriate perspective is important—errors in law school are minor compared to the consequences of errors in the professional arena. This is the time when we are free to question, make mistakes and learn the nuances of the law. As a Dean’s Fellow, I also bring my core values into the program. The University of Dayton has strong values of service and I think this inherently attracts people who strive to help others.
Ashley Oravetz
One of the biggest strengths that I can bring to the Dean’s Fellow program is my ability to be honest about my law school experiences and my willingness to share my knowledge. This knowledge includes information regarding the studying skills that I have developed over the past year along with additional tips for success such as the importance of cultivating relationships with professors in academic and personal settings. Encouraging others to take advantage of all of the support that the school’s professors offer, including going to office hours regularly for extra help with school and to sit and chat, will enhance the law school experience and increase student success.
Maddie Sefton
UDSL really is a community. My positive energy and connection to the school will show students how awesome this school and program is. I want to show them that there are so many people here who want to help them and make them a success. UDSL truly is different from other schools in that people are always willing to help, whether it is students sharing outlines and supplements, professors staying after office hours or arranging outside time to meet you, or helping you get an internship for the summer.
Patrick Sobkowski

I look forward to engaging with the new students who will certainly experience the same emotions and feelings that I have experienced this year and helping them cope with those feelings. Law school is a new experience with a learning curve, and I believe that I have conquered that curve. I look forward to meeting new people and learning from them, and passing my knowledge from my 1L year and other past experiences to them.

Alexandria Horner
I would like to express my deep commitment to the Dayton community. I graduated from UD in 2017 and felt so strongly about the success that comes with attending UD that I chose to continue my legal education there. One of the main reasons I made this decision was because of the endless resources UD puts at your fingertips as a student. I have felt first-hand the benefits of these connections and the small community that is UD and I would love nothing more than to humbly serve as a part of this success.
Jason Judd
My success as a law student has been through trial and error. I had to attempt multiple different learning strategies from flash cards, outlines, and practice exams to find the way I learned the best. Understanding all of these strategies, as well as where to utilize the benefits, is a way that I believe I can help future students. I feel a desire to serve the University of Dayton School of Law because it has given me so much. I feel that serving as a Dean’s Fellow to the University and to the incoming students is the best way for me to personally give the law school a small portion of what it gave to me.

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