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Fall 2014 Dean's Fellows

Fall 2014

The University of Dayton School of Law is proud to present the cohort of Dean's Fellows for Fall 2014:

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Kate Bosomworth
I attribute my positive experience in my first year of law school to an inclusive community of individuals dedicated to active learning and academic support. These learning communities are instrumental in guiding new students to the skills and tools they need to succeed and feel confident in Law School. Coming from an entirely artistic background, I have a unique perspective in approaching a new course of study. I am incredibly excited to help facilitate this learning process as a Dean’s Fellow and hope to contribute a wide variety of adaptable learning techniques, unbiased support to students of all backgrounds and abilities, and provide a realistic perspective of success in law school. Last year I experienced that hard work, resourcefulness, and a positive attitude were keys to my own academic growth and personal happiness. I believe it is important for a Dean’s Fellow to be accessible, supportive and encouraging to my learning community. With that in mind, my goal this year is to support new students in their own academic and personal endeavors so that their first year may be as positive and engaging as possible.
Sam Brinker

I am: a 3L at UDSL – a rambler – a tech savvy wannabe – a real property law guru – a research genius – a writer – a tv/movie/book junkie – a grammar geek – and a constant work in progress.  I grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio and attended Wright State University where I obtained a B.A. in English. I love the study of law and being a part of the UDSL community where my unwavering drive and infallible desire to do well are welcome and able to thrive. I am also a Publication Editor and Board Member of Law Review and I am always available as a resource for the UDSL community! I look forward to fostering the first-year students’ passion for law and am excited to be a part of their experience here at the law school. 

Mayra Carranza
I deeply value the university’s commitment to student success and feel privileged to be a Dean’s Fellow for this year. A student’s first year in law school can be quite challenging, but a strong support system and the right guidance can make the challenges more manageable. I remember how overwhelmed I felt my first semester and how comforting it was to know that I had a Dean’s Fellow that I could go to. My goal this year is to guide my group through the challenges of law school. I want to be a resource for them and look forward to working with all of them this year.
Ghassan Deek
Success in law school is dependent on the ability to quickly adapt to a new and challenging environment. Crucial to such a transition is a system of leadership, guidance, and support. In my case, the seamless transition from a private enterprise to a private law school largely correlates to the level of guidance and support I received from the School of Law’s community of peer leaders, staff, and faculty. As a Dean’s Fellow, my goal is to provide the entering class with that same level of leadership and encouragement. I am both honored and excited for the opportunity to help others embark on this new journey and make their law school experience a successful one.
Franchesco Fickey-Martinez
A long way from home, I found not only a community to call my own, but also a new found family in my classmates. I was born and raised a North Carolina boy, attended undergraduate and graduate school in my home state.   Admittedly, I was initially scared about leaving home to attend law school. However, I am happy of the choices I have made. Moreover, I am proud to attend UDSL and also to be heavily active in the student community. At the moment, I am entering the final year of my legal education and I am looking forward to aiding all members of the law school community. May we all excel in life, our faith, and our studies.
Ashley Flores
I am thrilled to be afforded the incredible opportunity through the Dean’s Fellows  and Learning Community Program to develop deep, meaningful relationships with both current and future colleagues, as well as local professionals.  I have often observed that in the field of law, relationships can be cast aside in favor of gaining a competitive edge.  However, life has taught me that it is more character-building to humble oneself and to empower others as we all PRACTICExcellence together. It is my belief that a focus on relationships and individuals is just as integral to practicing law as any artificial competitive edge.  In being a Dean’s Fellow, I hope to forge such relationships not only in a mentor capacity to the incoming class, but also as a mentee, learning from my students and distinguished professionals in the field of law.
Jasmin Hurley
I am immensely honored to be chosen as a part of the Dean’s Fellows Program because it is a great opportunity to mentor new students to develop a base for success in law school.  The program was a great resource for me last year, as it helped alleviate anxiety and gave me a starting point for tackling the challenge of law school.  It was comforting to know that there were upper-level students willing to take time out of their day to answer my questions about law school, no matter how ridiculous they seemed.  Having a support system and community of this kind is what makes UDSL unique.  I hope that, by sharing my experiences prior to law school and throughout my first year, I can continue this system of support for incoming students.
James Hurt
I am honored and humbled to have an opportunity to serve as Dean’s Fellow for the 2014-15 academic year. As a former member of the University of Dayton baseball team, my prior experiences as a part of a successful team of diverse individuals will allow me to provide valuable guidance to the incoming students at the University of Dayton School of Law. The law school experience provides challenges distinguishable from those of a Division I athlete, but there are commonalities that have allowed me to successfully navigate the law school journey. Efficiency, time management, a strong work ethic, and the ability to achieve success as a part of a diverse group are qualities that I strive to instill in members in the incoming class. The first year of law school can be a stressful and equally rewarding quest, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to offer guidance to my fellow colleagues in their own 1L experience. Being only a year removed from my first year of law school, I consider myself not only a mentor for incoming students, but ultimately, a friend. I look forward to the opportunity to provide assistance to those embarking on this pivotal time and even more excited for the many successes that are sure to follow.
Nadia Klarr
The best way to explain why I am excited about being a Dean’s Fellow is illustrated by three principles that stand at the core of my life, have shaped by character, and continue to guide my actions. I believe that these three principles – know yourself, control yourself, and give yourself – are the bedrock on which the Dean’s Fellows Program is able to cultivate leadership and excellence and provide the tools necessary for students to truly PRACTICExcellence. Being a Dean’s Fellow enables me to serve first-semester students by allowing me to impart on them my personal experiences in life and law school. I hope to assist students in understanding their own motivations and demonstrate the importance of discipline in order to succeed in their academic and personal pursuits. I am truly honored to accompany my peers as they embark on a very challenging, yet worthwhile, endeavor. I fervently hope that they embrace these Learning Communities and commit themselves to serving the next generation of first-year law student
Joe Latas
The University of Dayton School of Law is one of the most unique and positive communities I have had a privilege to be a part of. At the core of the School of Law’s success is an active community unlike any other. As a Dean’s Fellow, I hope to help incoming students transition into their new surroundings and get the most out of their law school experience. My goal is to build upon the already thriving foundation here at UDSL and continue to uphold the high standards set by my predecessors.  I look forward to continuing the strong tradition of service at UDSL through the Dean’s Fellow program.
Jacqueline Painter
Through my experience, I have found that time management and dedication are the keys to success here at UDSL. Entering law school can be a rigorous process. With the stress of classes, activities, and socializing, many students can become extremely overwhelmed. As a Dean’s Fellow, I hope to alleviate some of this anxiety through meaningful activities and open streams of communication. Coming straight from undergrad, growth is necessary and not always apparent. However, The School of Law’s community contributed immensely to my growth as a law student and I am forever grateful to the many individuals who helped guide me through this last year. I hope to provide the same guidance as a Dean’s Fellow by offering strategies and techniques that assisted my growth and success here at UDSL. I am beyond excited to begin assisting new students on the same path to greatness I began only a year ago.
Kathryn A. Rettich
Success in the legal community depends on having confidence in oneself and having a strong support structure. This is more easily accomplished with the help of mentors. The kindness and support of my mentors helped make me who I am today, and, through the Dean’s Fellows program, I hope to pay that forward. My first year of law school was difficult, as it is for most students, and the mentors in my life helped me reach my goals. Further, my involvement with soccer throughout my life has contributed to my appreciation of teamwork, and the importance of having a strong support system. This is what I want to instill in incoming law students and my fellow classmates.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to mentor and connect with others, while having a positive impact by sharing my life experiences.
Rebekah Therkelson
As I enter into my third year of law school, I am eager to offer my support and encouragement as a Dean’s Fellow to the incoming class at the School of Law. I am most looking forward to helping others have a smooth transition and I welcome the opportunity to support them as they embark on the rewarding year that lies ahead. I look forward to working with the first-year students and am honored to witness the beginning of their legal education.
Joe Zeis
I am excited and honored to be a Dean’s Fellow of the University of Dayton School of Law.  This is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Law School and the university community.  Service is really the key to the Dean’s Fellow program, and it is in this aspect that the Law School derives its power and success.  As one of the more “senior” students, I have had the privilege of serving in other careers…military, non-profit, and business….and, there is a common thread that at each step, we grow personally in service to the community.  In a very real sense, Leadership becomes indistinguishable from Service.  These years of life experience bring me a perspective on what it takes to succeed here, and what we can each do, as Dean’s Fellows, to help others achieve success.  This is a premier chance to assist new law students, just as others assisted me in transition to the UD Law School environment.  This is PRACTICExcellence in action, and I am proud to be a part of the University of Dayton, the UD School of Law, and a Dean’s Fellow.  Let’s all succeed together!

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