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Earn Your Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Dayton

Juris Doctor Degree

An education at the University of Dayton School of Law will prepare you to make an impact anywhere. We teach students how to use their knowledge of the law as a tool to help people resolve their legal problems as well as community and global issues.

So what is different about that? We believe the best way to learn is by doing. So you will work with legal professionals and observe the practical application of the theories you have been studying in class.

We think experiential learning is so important that we offer practical training in essential lawyering skills beginning in your first year with our highly respected Legal Profession Program. You will receive training in important skills, such as accessing and understanding legal authority and effectively communicating legal analysis. As a result, you will have the chance to quickly develop the strong professional capabilities necessary to be an effective and efficient attorney.

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J.D. Programs

Traditional J.D. Program

Your legal training in the Traditional J.D. Program will include everything from gaining real-world experience through our Externship Program or Law Clinic to acquiring the legal research and writing skills used in the practice of law today in our highly regarded legal writing program. Experience the supportive environment that makes this a special place to get your legal education.

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Accelerated J.D. Program

You can save time and start your legal career faster with our Accelerated J.D. Program. Instead of the standard three years, this option allows you to finish a semester sooner, so you will graduate in January instead of May and have the opportunity to take the February Bar Exam.

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Online Hybrid J.D. Program

Our Online Hybrid J.D. Program allows you to earn your J.D. from wherever you are in the world. It is one of the first American Bar Association-approved online J.D. programs. Through a combination of live online classes, interactive online coursework and campus visits, you will get a comprehensive legal education that will prepare you for the next step in your career.

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Joint Degree Programs

We offer three distinct joint degree programs: a J.D. and Master of Business Administration degree, a J.D. and Master of Public Administration, and a J.D. and Master of Science in educational administration. The School of Law also allows students to create joint degree programs with the permission of the associate dean and the University graduate program.

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Admissions & Financial Aid

The University of Dayton School of Law follows a rolling admissions process, notifying applicants of our decision within two to six weeks of application completion. You can begin a residential program during the summer or fall. If you are interested in our online hybrid program, you can begin your studies during the fall.

We accept GRE scores from those who have not taken the LSAT.

Once you are admitted to the School of Law, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid will help you navigate tuition, scholarships and grants, housing and locker rentals.  

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J.D. Program Curriculum

We believe that our graduates must have an understanding of legal theory and the needs of their clients. You will receive the strong foundation you need to prepare for the bar and the practice of law. Key programmatic elements include:

Our J.D. courses are taught by talented full-time faculty and a cadre of part-time faculty members who include respected judges and experienced practitioners.


The faculty members at the School of Law are not only among the best in their fields, but they are also eager to help students as they journey through law school. Professors encourage students to meet with them outside of class to go over any questions they may have and are great advocates for students throughout their legal careers.

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What Can You Do with a Juris Doctor?

The most common and traditional career path for individuals with a J.D. is to become an attorney, although the degree can be applied to many different fields. Some attorneys may specialize in a particular type of law, such as environmental law, family law, tax law or intellectual property law.

J.D. Careers

Those who have earned a J.D. can work in a variety of settings and have a wide array of careers to consider, including:

  • Lawyer
  • Law professor
  • Law librarian
  • Lobbyist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Judge
  • Arbitrator

No matter which career path you decide to pursue after obtaining your J.D., the Career Services Office at the School of Law will help you transition from law student to legal professional.

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The Dayton Difference

How can a J.D. degree from the University of Dayton make a difference for you? See why graduates say they decided on the University of Dayton School of Law when it came to getting their Juris Doctor degrees.

The Dayton Difference

How can a J.D. degree from the University of Dayton make a difference for you? See why graduates say they decided on the University of Dayton School of Law when it came to getting their Juris Doctor degrees.


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