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Government Contracting and Procurement Application Process

Application Process for Government Contracting or Program Management

Please follow the steps below to complete your application. Be sure to read each step carefully to ensure proper completion.

Please find a printable checklist of these steps here

Note: You must follow each of these steps exactly. Please pay special attention to Step 2.

STEP 1 — Log in to the Admissions Portal
  • Log into our Admissions Portal to fill out a Graduate Application. 
  • If you do not yet have a login, please click “Sign Up” and fill in your name and email address. 
  • You will receive an email from “University of Dayton Office of Admissions” prompting you to create a login with your email address as the user name. Follow the link to create your password in the Portal. This will log you in.
STEP 2 — Fill Out Your Graduate Application

Note: You must follow each of these steps exactly. Please pay special attention to required answers for the "academic information" section.

  • In the Admissions Portal, click Graduate Admission Portal.
  • Click the button to START A NEW APPLICATION.
  • Select the dropdowns that pertain to you in the “New Application” section and then click START APPLICATION.
  • Complete all required fields in the application. Please pay special notice to the following sections:

Major: American and Transnational Law

Program: Master in the Study of Law

Concentration: Government Contracts and Procurement

Level: Graduate

Degree: Master in the study of Law

Department: Law

Campus: Online

College: School of Law

Enrollment Status: Part Time

  • Disciplinary History: This only applies to undergraduates.
  • Personal Statement:  Your response can be a brief explanation of why you want to be in the program.
  • References: Be sure to include contact information only for two references here.
  • Click the REVIEW APPLICATION button when all information has been submitted.
  • Finally, click the SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION button.
STEP 3 — Send Transcripts
  • Please provide official transcripts (with English translation) from all colleges, universities, law, or professional schools attended.
  • Official transcripts must be sent by the issuing institution directly to the University of Dayton electronically at or by mail to:

Office of Graduate Admission Processing

300 College Park

Dayton, Ohio 45469-1601


Your application should now be complete.

Please allow a few days for your transcripts to arrive. Transcripts sent by mail can take up to two weeks to receive.

Admissions decisions are usually made 2-5 days after your application is completed and transcripts have arrived.

Thank you!


Government Contracting and Procurement

Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2772