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Visiting Students

Visiting Students

The University of Dayton School of Law welcomes visiting student applications from students who are in good standing at an ABA-accredited law school in the United States.

Visiting status allows students to receive upper-level course-work credit at the School of Law for transfer back to their home schools. Credits taken as a visiting student will be applied to the degree requirements of the home school as permitted, and the degree will be awarded by that school. Visiting students will not receive a class rank or be eligible for any honors or awards from Dayton Law.

The deadline to apply for visiting students:
Spring term - December 1
Fall term - July 1
Summer term - April 1


Visiting students do not fill out the LSAC application.

Provide a letter of good standing/permission from the appropriate dean of your home law school indicating that you are currently in good academic standing and eligible to continue your studies. The letter should state that you have permission to attend the University of Dayton School of Law as a visiting, non-matriculating student and indicate the conditions of your visit (courses permitted to take; minimum GPA allowed; number of pass/fail courses allowed; number of units required, etc.).

This letter of good standing/permission should be mailed to:

Registrar's Office
University of Dayton School of Law 
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-2772

Financial Aid for Visiting Students

Students from other U.S. law schools who have been accepted to take upper-level courses at the University of Dayton School of Law as non-matriculants (receiving their J.D. degree from their home institution), and who need financial aid to meet their educational costs, must arrange with their home institution for the processing of their financial aid. The home institution must forward a Consortium Agreement form to the University of Dayton Financial Aid Office, confirming that the home institution will process all financial aid for its student.

The University of Dayton Financial Aid Office will complete the Consortium Agreement and will verify the student's cost of attendance, dates of attendance and enrollment status for the period of study at Dayton Law. Dayton Law will not process any financial aid for the visiting non-matriculating student.

Generally, the student's home institution will forward the financial aid proceeds to our Financial Aid Office to be applied toward the student's Dayton Law’s tuition and fee charges. In some cases, the home institution will send the loan proceeds directly to the student, who then will need to apply them toward payment of the Dayton Law charges.


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