Government Contracting and Procurement Law

Leading to a Master's Degree in American and Transnational Law

Come learn with legal experts the essentials of government contracting and purchasing. In the University of Dayton School of Law’s exciting new program, you will master the art of high-stakes negotiations. You will acquire the skills that lawyers use to draft contracts. And, you will learn the essentials of resolving business disputes and managing large procurement projects.

No gmat, gre or lsat required for admission

This program is designed by industry experts to fast-track participants into the personally and financially rewarding career of government contracting. Government contracting and purchasing is essential to every federal, state and municipal government agency, as well as every business that sells to the government. Locally, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, located just five miles from the University of Dayton, accounts for billions of dollars in spending each year or 25% of all U.S. military contracting and purchasing.

classes available online or on-campus

Classes in the Government Contracting and Procurement Program are scheduled for the working professional. Classes meet one night a week. Either online or on-campus. Generous financial aid, tuition assistance, corporate and government tuition deferment and reimbursement options are available to eligible participants.

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Why this program is for you

Do you want to switch careers?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next five years, thousands of government contracting and purchasing professionals are retiring. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base alone expects to fill 600 civilian positions during this time. Nationally, in the next ten years, companies that sell to the government and government agencies will add more high-responsibility, high-impact procurement jobs than there are people who live in Dayton. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2016, the average salary for these positions was $117,960. A high-paying career with excellent health and a true forty-hour work week. If you are frustrated by a lack of career opportunity in your present field, our program will give you the right skills at the right time to enter a profession that could change your life.

Are you a government contractor or do you work for one?
Our program will position you or your company to take advantage of the projected growth in government purchasing. We will teach you or your employees to craft proposals to the exacting government specifications needed to win contracts, negotiate skillfully with military or civilian agencies, and gain the contract drafting skills that allow you to work effectively with counsel and save legal costs. In our program you will have the unique opportunity to learn with those government and future government officials who will be on the other side of the negotiating table.

If you already work in government:
You can build the skills and relationships necessary to move up in your department or command. As your colleagues retire and positions open, our program allows you to put yourself on the fast-track to advancement.

One of USA Today's top 20 careers that pay more than $100k

Highlights and Benefits

  • A fast-track into a high-demand, respected and rewarding career
  • Expected high rate of employment for program participants
  • Substantial salary and generous benefits
  • Opportunities for private-sector professionals working for corporations, businesses, and suppliers to learn alongside government contracting and purchasing professionals
  • Generous financial aid, tuition assistance, corporate and government tuition deferment and reimbursement options are available to eligible participants


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