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Health and Safety

There are inherent risks anytime you travel. However, those risks can be mitigated with extensive preparations you can take in advance and on-site, as well as training on what to do if an emergency does arise. The Office of Education Abroad ensures that all students who are going abroad participate in a health and safety pre-departure session to discuss ways to contribute to a healthy and safe experience abroad. 

The University of Dayton has numerous resources and established processes to respond to emergencies that occur and impact all UD travelers abroad. These resources and processes include:

  • UD International Assessment Team
  • A top-rated medical and security support provider, available 24/7
  • Access to country intelligence through a risk management firm for all travelers
  • Mandatory pre-departure orientations
  • Emergency Response protocols
  • Emergency contact numbers, answered 24/7

In addition, the university monitors the world-wide situation, manages emergency response protocols, and stays in close contact with our medical and security support services provider, as well as overseas partners. 


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