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Inviting a Scholar

Inviting a Scholar

In partnership with Human Resources and the Office of the Provost, ISSS has established a formal procedure for all arrangements to sponsor and host international visiting scholars. As outlined below, this process streamlines the steps for faculty hosts and ensures a smooth transition to campus for our guests. 

Who are Visiting Scholars?

Visiting Scholars are invited by "host" departments at the University of Dayton to engage in collaborative academic projects. These activities can include teaching, lecturing, observing, consulting in connection with a research project, departmental research, teacher/researcher training, or demonstrating special skills. 

Visiting Scholars are generally professors, research scholars, specialists, or other individuals with similar education or accomplishments in their home country. Graduate students engaged in dissertation research are also eligible. Visiting Scholars must be sponsored by a UD faculty member who is willing to act as an advisor to the proposed project or activity. It is the responsibility of a prospective Visiting Scholar to contact appropriate faculty members and arrange for such sponsorship.

Other Practical Considerations
  • It is possible to invite a scholar for periods of as short as a few weeks, or for years at a time. Note: The Visiting Scholar process cannot be used for ladder-track or tenured appointments.
  • This process does not apply to U.S. citizens or permanent residents - please contact the Provost's office directly.
  • Contact the ISSS office at least 2-3 months before your scholar's intended arrival date, to allow time for visa processing in the home country.
  • ISSS has also compiled a list of nearby off-campus apartments. Contact the ISSS office for more information on local apartment complexes.
  • Host faculty/departments are responsible for arranging airport transportation for incoming Visiting Scholars.
How do I get started?

Email with a brief description of your plans and we will respond with your next steps. Or, preview the documents below.

Further Resources

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