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Transferring to the University of Dayton

Transferring to the University of Dayton

If you are already in the U.S., you must transfer your SEVIS record to UD if you intend to begin a program of study here. 


  1. Obtain admission to UD.
  2. Complete the transfer process at the transfer-out school (i.e. your current school). The transfer must be completed no later than 15 days before the start of classes of the term for which you intend to enroll at the UD.
  3. Submit financial documentation that shows how you will be paying for school to
  4.  Upon the SEVIS release date, UD will have access to your record and be able to issue an I-20 to you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain my new I-20?

For transfer students remaining in the U.S. between institutions, you will receive the University of Dayton I-20 upon arrival to campus; it will not be mailed in advance. Call our office to schedule an appointment for pick up.

For transfer students traveling abroad and reentering the U.S. before studies at the University of Dayton begin, request the new University of Dayton I-20 form before departing the U.S. We can mail the I-20 to your U.S. address. If this is not possible, you must e-mail to formally request that your I-20 be sent overseas. Please include your overseas address and a copy of your flight itinerary in the e-mail.

Will I need a new visa?

If the current visa is valid, a new visa is not required even if the visa carries the name of the previous school. Reentry is possible with the University of Dayton issued I-20, valid passport, and valid visa. If you have changed your status or if your visa has expired, you must have a new visa to enter the U.S. Use the University of Dayton I-20 to apply for a new visa.

My SEVIS record has been terminated. Can I still transfer to the University of Dayton?

ISSS may elect not to process a reinstatement for a SEVIS record terminated at another school. If  so, your options are to process the reinstatement at the transfer-out school, hire an immigration attorney, or regain status by travel (see the Reinstatement section for more information).

What should I do when I arrive to the University of Dayton?

As a new student to UD, you are required to attend either the Bridges International Student Transition Program or the Intensive English Program Placement Test and Orientation. Which orientation program you must attend depends on your admission status with UD. See Arrival and Orientation section for more information.


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