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IEP Placement Test

About the IEP Placement Test

All new IEP students take a placement test before the start of their first IEP session. The test examines the students' abilities in the following skills: writing, listening comprehension, grammatical knowledge, vocabulary range, and reading comprehension. The IEP Placement Test is designed to determine which IEP Level is most appropriate for a student’s current English proficiency level. In other words, the test measures your English language skills and abilities so that you can study at the level that is right for you.

For the writing test, students must write an organized composition about one of two possible topics, within a time limit of 45 minutes. The other skills (listening comprehension, grammatical knowledge, vocabulary range, and reading comprehension) are evaluated through a computer-based test called the Michigan English Placement Test (Michigan EPT). This is a timed test and is completed in about 55 minutes. Visit the Michigan English Placement Test (Michigan EPT) site for more information about the test including some sample questions.

What decides a student's IEP level?

All new students are placed in a single level for all skills during their first term.

For the writing test, each student’s composition will be read and evaluated by three different experienced instructors. These instructors each use a checklist to give their independent evaluations of the composition. Then, the Associate Program Managers compare the three results and make the final IEP level assignment for each writing sample. 

For the Michigan EPT, each student’s scores on the listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading, tests are compared with the score ranges for each IEP Level.

Finally, we combine the results of the writing test with a student’s scores on the Michigan EPT to decide which IEP Level will be the most appropriate for a student’s learning needs.

When is the IEP Placement Test?

Make sure to view all program dates, including the start of placement testing and the first day of classes for each term.

All accepted and confirmed students are notified personally when IEP placement testing will be conducted. For more information about Placement Testing please feel free to contact us at

Students who miss the IEP placement test cannot begin their studies until the next IEP term. Download the IEP Student Handbook for more information about IEP program policies, and familiarize yourself with arrival and orientation information.


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