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University Travel

University Travel Process and Procedures

Current travel processes are dictated by the Path Forward Travel Plan. The UD Travel Policy remains in effect, but any guidance from the Path Forward Travel Plan supersedes. 

These processes and the application apply to any University-funded, University-supported, University-sponsored, or professional travel. It also applies to student travel for academic purposes (earning credit, fulfilling a degree requirement, using university funding). Travel is defined as any trip that is by plane, or "out-of-town" and overnight. "Out of town" is defined as anything further than 1.5 hours from UD's campus.

All travelers will sign a Pandemic Travel Waiver to ensure they understand the risks involved with travel at this time during the Pandemic, to reinforce health and safety guidelines and to make protocols, and expectations and responsibilities explicit.

All individual university travel (domestic and international) must be pre-approved using the Integrated Travel System. No travel should be booked unless the traveler has been approved through this system. Travelers can find more details on how to apply to travel using the links below:

Individual Travel Application - Faculty, Staff & Students

For an individual faculty, staff, or student who wishes to engage in travel, domestically or internationally. (Students who have applied to a group program, in the U.S., or any study abroad opportunity, should not complete this application.)

Note: UDRI travelers should work directly with the UDRI Travel Coordinator.

Group Travel Application and Resources

For faculty or staff organizing or leading a group of students for domestic or international travel. This application should be completed after discussions and approval from the sponsoring unit have occurred. Page includes resources for group travel. Students who are part of a student organization wishing to travel should only apply through 1850 and the Center for Student Involvement. 


These Integrated Travel System applications replace the International Travel Registry. 

University Travel Process and Procedures

Individual Travel Application and Process

Group Travel Application and Process

Domestic: Resources, High Risk, Protocols

International: Resources, High Risk, Protocols

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