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Group Travel Application and Process

Group Travel Application and Process

Any faculty or staff member (or a Center or unit) that wishes to bring students on group travel, domestically or internationally, must complete the Group Travel Application here. This application should be completed after discussions and approval from the sponsoring unit or department.

Note: Students who are part of a student organization wishing to travel should only apply through 1850 and the Center for Student Involvement. They should not complete this application. 


For 2020-21, only essential group travel will be approved and it is anticipated that most group travel will not be deemed essential. 


For faculty or staff, here are the steps for applying to bring students on group travel:

  1. Click here to complete the group travel request application. 
    • Enter your UD login credentials. 
    • Enter the dates and location (itinerary). Click “Add to Itinerary.”
      • Note: Arrival Date is when you arrive at your destination; Departure Date is when you leave your destination to return home. 
    • Click “Apply”
    • Click “Get Started” and answer the questions. 
    • Click “Done”
    • At the top, click “Submit your application.”
  2. CIP will follow-up with any questions and then share your application with the Dean/VP of the sponsoring unit to determine if the group travel is essential. The Provost will make the final determination. 
  3. CIP will manage the review process for the health protocols with a subset of the International Assessment Team. 
  4. If the travel is deemed essential and the health protocols are approved, then the travel will be approved. The CIP will notify the requestor. 
  5. If travel is approved, the requester will be expected to supply the names and emergency contact information for each traveler, as well health and safety protocols. 

Group Travel Resources

We will soon provide resources here, such as a budget template, information on how to collect and handle student money, and a template for health and safety protocols. In the meantime, details will be supplied to those whose group travel is approved. 


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