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Domestic Travel - High Risk Travel

Domestic Travel - High Risk Travel

High risk travel is travel that has a heightened risk beyond the typical risks associated with travel. Should an individual UD faculty, staff member, or student wish to travel despite UD’s designation of that travel being “high risk,” they may request permission to continue with their domestic travel plans by submitting a High Risk Travel Waiver Request. The information below outlines the process.

Note: The Path Forward Travel Plan specifies which travel requires a High Risk Travel Waiver Request.


If a High Risk Travel Waiver Request is required in order to proceed with domestic travel, the traveler should download the following document: 

Domestic High Risk Travel Waiver Request 

The traveler should complete all questions on the waiver request. This document should be submitted as part of the traveler’s application for individual travel.  (If a faculty or staff member is completing this for student group travel, the request can be sent directly to Kelly Brannan Trail, Director of Education Abroad, at

Waiver requests must be submitted well in advance of travel and prior to any financial or other commitments being made towards the trip, and/or recruitment of participants/travelers. Applicants should anticipate it taking at least two weeks to receive a decision on their request.

The waiver request will be shared with a subset of UD’s International Assessment Team (IAT), which is responsible for reviewing and making decisions on high risk travel requests. 

The CIP will communicate the decision with the traveler. If approved, there are typically specific conditions that will be conveyed, such as certain safety measures that need to be in place, protocols that should be followed, etc.  If the request is denied, there is no appeal process.


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