Global Learning Living Community


As a U.S. or international undergraduate student, you can choose to live in the Global Learning Living Community (GLLC), an international learning environment on the University of Dayton campus. Located in Caldwell Apartments, members of the GLLC participate in a variety of community and relationship building activities where you engage with students from around the world. 

As a member of the GLLC, you are a leader in sharing global education with the UD community. Join a global environment with others who share a common passion for international awareness in their own lives.


About the GLLC

The Global Learning Living Community is a unique community which brings together U.S. and international students to live and learn from one another’s unique perspectives. Members of the GLLC are student leaders on campus for global education. Students live together at Caldwell Apartments, in an environment which supports and nurtures students’ international and intercultural interests.

 The GLLC seeks to:

  • develop intercultural competence and sensitivity among residents;
  • educate residents for global citizenship; and
  • help residents develop relationships with friends from different cultural backgrounds.

Interested in learning more about the GLLC? Have questions about the GLLC Housing Application and Special Interest Housing process? Come to one of the below information sessions. Additional questions can be emailed to

Information Sessions for the GLLC 2016-2017 year: 

Coming soon.


Members of the GLLC agree to:

  • Serve as a student leader for internationalization and intercultural dialogue on campus. This may be done by leading programming in the GLLC and/or leadership in other intercultural opportunities on campus.
  • Attend the fall off-campus retreat in September, and another off-campus retreat in late January/early February.
  • Actively participate in GLLC programming and events, attending at least two programs each semester (in addition to orientation and welcome day). 


This housing opportunity is open to:

1. U.S. and international sophomores*, juniors and seniors;

2. conditionally admitted undergraduates and IEP only, ages 20-25; and

3. exchange and visiting international students, ages 20-25.

Students may apply as a single individual or as a group of two or four students. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply for the GLLC. All members must be and remain in good university academic and disciplinary standing.

*Caldwell Street Apartments is for juniors and seniors only, with the exception of sophomores living in the GLLC for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Students studying abroad in the first semester who are interested in living in the GLLC for the second semester may be put on a waiting list for the second semester by emailing These requests must be in writing.

Application Instructions

More information about the 2016-2017 application process is coming soon. 

Mini Course

Journey towards Global Citizenship is a unique, 1 credit hour course offered only to Global Learning Living Community residents in the fall semester. This opportunity allows residents to engage in deeper intercultural experiences, learning more about themselves, each other, and how they can contribute more fully to the Global Learning Living Community experience. Students registered for this course will have the opportunity to explore culture in an experiential format and with other GLLC peers.

This eight-week course will tentatively be offered Jan. 26 to Mar. 22, 2016, from 5:05p.m.-7:05p.m. on Tuesdays. Being accepted to the GLLC is a prerequisite to being eligible to register for this mini-course. Space is limited. 

Students interested in signing up for the mini course can indicate there interest by emailing