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Collaborate with the IEP

Partnering with the Intensive English Program (IEP): An Overview for Faculty

Our program aims to create opportunities for continuous engagement between international and domestic students in order to facilitate language and intercultural development. Part of our mission in the Intensive English Program reads: “Together with University academic departments, IEP creates and facilitates opportunities for intercultural exchange.”

These exchanges not only help acclimate IEP students to university life and culture, they also help domestic students understand the cultural assumptions that guide their own decisions and interactions — ones that may not be shared by people from other cultures. Through contact with someone from another culture, some of these assumptions become easier to recognize.

The Intensive English Program offers several models of partnerships for UD faculty and students to interact with IEP students.

As a UD faculty member, what do you hope to achieve through the partnership?

I want my students to interact with IEP students...
Course Collaborations — Joint class sessions between a UD and an IEP course. Students communicate and work together for a particular purpose in order to meet student learning outcomes for each course.
Extracurricular Activities — Out-of-class activities that domestic and IEP students attend and share an experience together


I want IEP students to share some aspect of their cultures with my class...
IEP Student Panels — Selected IEP students visit a UD course for one class session to be cultural informants about a topic related to a UD course. **Please note: At least one semester of advanced notice is necessary to facilitate this request. Register your request for an IEP Student Panel >>


I want to share my knowledge with the IEP...

UD Faculty Guest Lecturer — UD faculty member gives a 20-25 minute academic lecture from their area of expertise to advanced IEP students who are taking Oral Communication. Register here >>

Examples of past guest lecturers, with their departments and lecture topics:

  • Suki Kwon: "Design and Disability"
  • Jeanne Holcomb: "American Rates of Breastfeeding"
  • Diana Cuy-Castellanos: "Hispanic Population's Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages"
  • Stephanie Litka: "The Mayans: Then and Now"
  • Marybeth Carlson: "Women's Suffrage in Europe"
  • Teri Thompson: "Gender and Communication"

Steps for Collaborating with the IEP

1. Schedule a meeting with the IEP Partnerships Coordinator, Sharon Tjaden-Glass.
2. Discuss the details of your future collaboration, including:


See what faculty members and students from past collaborations have to say about their experiences:

“Collaborating with the IEP teachers has furnished me with new insights into the challenges international students face at UD. I also find that when International Studies majors and IEP students work together in collaborative classes, the INS majors not only start seeking more opportunities to meet international students on campus but also develop a deepened understanding of their own experiences during semesters abroad.”

- Dr. Marybeth Carlson, Director of International Studies Program, in reference to a Course Collaboration partnership between INS 499 Capstone and IEP Special Topics 4

“The partnership has exceeded our expectations. The CIP staff and IEP teachers have been remarkably welcoming and easy to communicate with on this initiative.”

- Dr. Patricia Hart, Professor of Teacher Education, in reference to a partnership between EDT 340 and IEP Conversation Groups

“We so value our students’ participation in this IEP/EDT partnership.”

-Dr. Connie Bowman, Chair of Department of Teacher Education, in reference to a partnership between EDT 340 and IEP Conversation Groups

“There are so many different stereotypes we have about other cultures and religions that aren’t true. We must break the barriers by having conversations with those different from ourselves.”

-EDT 340 student, Fall 2014, in reference to a partnership between EDT 340 and IEP Conversation Groups

Contact Information

Sharon Tjaden-Glass
IEP Partnerships Coordinator

Rike 105 


Center for International Programs

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