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International Education Council (IEC)

The International Education Council (IEC) is the permanent leadership engagement structure to formulate, review and recommend international strategy at the university-level. This includes refining and updating the international strategic plan associated with the University’s Five Common Goals Strategic Plan. The IEC also establishes policy that supports internationalization. In areas where a related policy is the purview of another office or body, the Council provides recommendations as appropriate.

The charge is to provide strategic direction for the internationalization of the university, and feedback and support to the Center for International Programs in its role in the following ways: 

1. Formulate strategy
2. Review overall strategic direction of current programs
3. Establish or review all university-wide international education policies, and approve or provide recommendations as appropriate
4. Review all new international program proposals and provide recommendations to the Provost and President
5. Review and provide recommendations with respect to financial model(s) and geographic focus
6. Review and assess international outcomes
7. Share information regarding internationalization with and among the IEC members and their constituents

Co-chaired by the Executive Director of the Center for International Programs and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives, the Council regularly meets twice per semester. Beginning in calendar year 2013, the IEC meets as part of the Provost Council.

The International Education Council (IEC) includes the nineteen members of the Provost Council, and five additional members:

Provost Council Members:

  • Associate Provost, Global and Intercultural Affairs and Executive Director, Center for International Programs
  • Provost
  • Associate Provost, Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives and Director, LTC
  • Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Vice President, Student Development
  • Dean, School of Education and Health Sciences
  • Assistant Rector
  • Vice President, Research and Executive Director, Research Institute
  • Dean, School of Business Administration
  • Associate Provost, Faculty and Administrative Affairs
  • Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing
  • Dean, School of Engineering
  • Associate Provost and CIO
  • Dean, School of Law
  • President, Academic Senate
  • Associate Provost, Graduate Academic Affairs
  • Dean, University of Libraries
  • Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Additional members:

  • Director, Center for Social Concern
  • LTC Fellow for Teaching a Global Student Community (TAGS)

The IEC involves, informs and/or invites other essential partners depending on the topic/issue(s) to be addressed or discussed.

The IEC forms subcommittees or working groups to advance specific campus-wide initiatives or areas of the internationalization plan.  The IEC creates the charge, determines memberships, and whether the group is permanent (e.g., subcommittee), or exist for a specific period of time or for a particular project or initiative (e.g., working group, task force).  Each subcommittee or working group provides updates to the IEC on an annual or as needed basis.  

The IEC currently has two subgroups:

Global Education Seminar Planning Team

Purpose: Develop, administer, and assess the Global Education Seminar Program, and make recommendations for other campus-wide global faculty development initiatives

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TAGS-Teaching a Global Student Community

Purpose: To engage a cross-campus committee to coordinate and propose programs, initiatives and structures which develop faculty, staff and student capacity to:

a) teach and learn in a global learning environment,
b) serve or assist international students’ academic progress inside and outside the classroom, and
c) contribute to the development of intercultural capacity within the UD community  

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