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Unconfirmed Apparition in Mexico

Unconfirmed Apparition in Mexico


- Source: Zenit, Mexico City (5/31/2007)

An Internet presentation is claiming that the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe moved during a Mass for aborted children, but a Church leader urged caution about the claims. This website includes images of the reported miracle along with text in Spanish. Those with Adobe Acrobat Reader may click here to view this presentation.

"Miracle in the Basilica of Guadalupe" has been widely distributed on the Internet. It claims that during a Mass in the basilica in Mexico City, the faithful saw the image of Mary move and a light came from her womb. Some claim to have photographs of the image.

Monsignor José Luis Guerrero Rosado, canon of the basilica and director of the Superior Institute of Guadalupan Studies, spoke of the presentation.

"It is moving and respectable that devoted people see signs of the divine in daily life, given that even the nature that surrounds us speaks to us of God and of his love for us," he said. "However, in his providence it is unusual, and not the fruit of his desire, that supernatural signs abound. We recall that Jesus defines as blessed 'those who have not seen and have believed.'"

"The apparition of Mary Most Holy on Tepeyac was a marvelous miracle, and in the moral order we can see that the Lord continues to carry out innumerable miracles, through the intercession of his Mother," said Monsignor Rosado. But, he added: "The Church is extremely cautious in approving physical miracles.

"Supposing that a natural explanation cannot be found for the light seen in the photographs, all that should be derived from this is that an inexplicable light appeared."

The monsignor continued, referring to the Internet statement, "This does not provide a basis for certainty that 'the image of the Madonna began to move as if to make room for a bright light that emanated from her womb with a ray and divine ring in the form of a human embryo, becoming present before our eyes, the unborn Christ.'

"We reiterate that it is legitimate and touching that one would think God was speaking to them in that way, but it is not, and cannot be, an official confirmation of the Catholic Church, nor of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, and not even of the authorities of the Basilica of Guadalupe."

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