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To Jesus through Mary and Scripture

To Jesus through Mary and Scripture

Q: My sister wants me to demonstrate to her where it says in the Bible: "To Jesus through Mary" (she does not believe this). How can I best answer her?

A: 1. The expression "To Jesus Through Mary" is not found literally in Scripture. This and similar mottos were coined during post-Reformation times. 2. There is a difference between words and meaning. The question that needs to be asked is: Do aspects (events, sayings) of the Bible convey the meaning intended by the expression "To Jesus Through Mary"? The following should be observed:

Chapter 1 of Luke describes in detail that Jesus came into this world through Mary. Mary is not a pure accident. She is part of God's plan and mother in a full human sense. To understand Mary means to understand Jesus better; she was his mother and educator. Subsequently, she was his first disciple.

In John 2,3f it is demonstrated that Mary was instrumental in bringing about Jesus' first miracle at Cana. Her discreet but nonetheless determined intervention -- subordinate to the will of the Son -- culminates in the essential meaning of this sentence: "To Jesus through Mary." What she tells us is, in everything do his will.

It should not be forgotten that in John 19, 25-27 Jesus has entrusted John to his mother. We are like John, disciples of Jesus and thus entrusted to Mary. John 19, 25-27 is the classical Scripture text substantiating Mary's spiritual maternity for us.

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