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Solomon Islands Entrustment to Mary

Solomon Islands Entrustment to Mary

Honiara (Solomon Islands) – Wednesday, May 9, 1984

This act of entrustment took place during Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Journey to Korea, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Thailand

On this day as we gather in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us turn to her with love and confidence:

O holy Mother of God, I, John Paul II, entrust to you the sons and daughters of the Church in Solomon Islands. They are the brothers and sisters of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who have been redeemed by the merits of his Precious Blood and evangelized by his grace.

O loving Mother of our Saviour, I entrust to you the families, the mothers and fathers and children of this land, and especially the sick, the suffering and the aged. Intercede for them with your Son, the source of all life.

O Mary, Queen of Peace, I entrust to you this nation of Solomon Islands and all the men and women dwelling here. I ask you to assist them in their problems and to sustain them in their hopes. Be for all of them a Mother of Perpetual Help. Offer them all to the Father, imploring his merciful kindness and the gifts of unity and peace, through Jesus, the Eternal Word who became your Son. Obtain eternal rest for their beloved dead and for all those who died in battle on their soil during the Second World War.

O Mary, Virgin and Mother, ask the Holy Spirit to bring to completion in the hearts of the Solomon Islanders the work that was begun through the preaching of the word of Jesus, to whom be glory and praise, with the Father and the same Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.

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