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Silent Workers of the Cross Association

Silent Workers of the Cross Association

Biographical Information

Founder: Monsignor Luigi Novarese in cooperation with Sister Elvira Myriam Psorulla.

Foundation: Established in 1950 in association with the Apostolate of Suffering.

Ecclesial Recognition: Recognized on May 17, 2001 as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Membership: Present in 5 countries: Europe (4) and Middle East (1).

Membership: 150 members
- male/female
- lay/clerical


Lay/Religious: lay and religious

Individual/Community: Individual or community; male and female branches; a Council governs the Association.

Commitment/Vows: Members make a permanent choice to live in common life or to live individually with their families. Clerical Associates perform their ministry for the purposes of the Association in agreement with their bishop and the SODC.

Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: To direct and coordinate and guarantee continuity to the Apostolate of the Suffering.

Apostolic commitments: Members work in social welfare and rehabilitation; they manage spirituality and accommodation houses in Jerusalem, Fatima (Portugal), Glogow (Poland); they organize courses of spiritual exercises for the sick and able-bodied.

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations: To imitate Christ who was called and sent by the Father to do His will to bring life and salvation to the world.

General Marian Characteristics: Consecration to Christ through Mary.

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises: Communion with the crucified and risen Christ

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors: To share with everyone a path of growth and maturity in the faith; to show the value of each one who suffers without distinction. Members live a life of total self-giving through the practice of the Evangelical Counsels.


Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, Pontifical Council for the Laity, available at:

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