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Shrines in Korea

Shrines in Korea

Marian Shrines in Korea Information and Locations:

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Nam Yang
Kyong ghi - do,
Hwa Song - ghun,
Nam Yang - Myon,
Nam Yang - Li 1259, Korea
Phone: 082-31-357-5828

The Blessed Mother's House
107-28 Kyodong, Naju,
Jeonman, South Korea
Phone: 082-61-334-5003 or 082-61-333-3372
Fax: 082-61-332-3372
N.B. The Marian shrine of Naju, built and consecrated as such by Julia Youn and her followers, does not have the full and official recognition of ecclesiastical authority.

The Grotto of Unyang
Unyang Catholic Church
Ulju-Gun Unyang-Up Songdae-Ri 422,
Ulsan Korea <689-807>
Phone: 082-52-262-5312

The Grotto of Our Lady in Daegu
Daegu Cathedral,
Kyesan 2 Gha 71-1, Jung Gu, Daegu-Shi, Korea
Phone: 082-254-2300
Fax: 082-254-2307
Gamgok Maegoe
Virgin Mary Catholic Cathedral

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