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Schoenstatt Movement

Schoenstatt Movement

Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt, near Koblenz, Germany, is the place of origin and world center of the International Schoenstatt Movement. People experience in Schoenstatt a sense of purpose and a new strength to live their faith in everyday life and to shape the world for Christ. Schoenstatt is created from the covenant of love between Mary, the Mother of Jesus and humanity which was established by that Joseph Kentenich together with a group of young people on October 18, 1914 at the original shrine.

Biographical Information

Founder: Father Joseph Kentenich

Foundation: Founded at a shrine in Vallendar, Germany, in 1914. The founding act included a Covenant of Love with Our Lady, the Mother thrice admirable of Schoenstatt.

Ecclesial Recognition: Approved by Church authorities in 1964 as an International Association of the Faithful.

Membership: Present in 42 countries: in Africa (6), Asia (5), Europe (17) and North America (5) and South America (9).

Membership: 96,000
- male and female
- lay and priests


Lay/Religious: priests

Individual/Community: The movement is subdivided into several groups: the Pilgrim's Movement, Apostolic Leagues do not have an obligation to live in community; Apostolic Federations or Unions have a nonlegal obligatory form of community; Secular Institutes are the core of the movement and have a legal obligation to live in community. The General Praesidium has a coordinating role.

Commitment/Vows: No vows; Individuals, families or communities entrust their lives to Mary in a covenant of love at one of the shrines belonging to the movement.

Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: Formation of persons and Christian communities that are capable of freely supporting God's plan
Apostolic commitments: Promotion of educational and religious activities; social projects; management of schools, colleges, hospitals and charitable institutions

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations: Self education, faith in Providence, pursuit of holiness in daily life, readiness and willingness to be instruments in God's hands.

General Marian Characteristics: To be a living part of the Church with Our Lady as mother, educator and model.

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises: No particular prayers or devotions

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors: Students ask Mary to make the Chapel a home in which to obtain the grace of welcome, the grace of interior transformation and the grace of mission or fruitful apostolate.


Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, Pontifical Council for the Laity, available at:

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