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Rosary when Distracted

Rosary when Distracted

Q: Will God ignore my rosary if I am at my worst at concentration? What's the best way I can do in order to feel God's presence?

A: Use various approaches, depending on disposition and degree of concentration. Overall principle: don't let yourself float and slide, carried away by your imagination. Keep it in check at all times, as much as possible. When tired and without much focus, "concentrate" on the peaceful repetition of the Hail Marys, entering its rhythm and imaging to be in the company of Mary. Leave it at that. If in somewhat better disposition, try to focus on images, one or more of Christ, Mary or scenes of their lives as mentioned in the mysteries. Look at and contemplate what you see, while saying the different decades. Don't even attempt to enter into a more intellectual mood exploring only the imagery. A different and more demanding mode will lead you to a reflection on the deeper meaning of each one of the mysteries: What is their meaning regarding salvation history then and now? What is the mystery's immediate significance for my personal spiritual life? Entertain some of these considerations while reciting the decade. Also, don't forget to make of the rosary a prayer of praise and thanksgiving, once in a while at least, because in the rosary we recapitulate our salvation and the great things God did for Mary and through her. In a special manner, try to develop a personal habit to say the rosary in company with Mary. The mysteries are stations of a beautiful journey leading to eternal happiness. Mary leads the way and is our traveling companion. Be self-critical enough to shift gears when needed. It may well happen that all the various modes are methods which need to be applied during one and the same rosary. May your rosary prayer be perseverant.

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