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Rosary during Mass

Rosary during Mass

Q: Is it proper to say the rosary during mass?

A: There is no offense to God in saying the rosary during part of the Mass. Christians were encouraged to say the rosary during mass when mass was still in Latin, and thus the readings were difficult to understand for most people. Since the switch to the vernacular, it is easy to follow the proclamation of the word of God (two or three readings) which is an essential part of the Eucharist. Since, according to the Constitution on the Liturgy of the second Vatican Council, the Eucharist is the summit of the Church's activity ("culmen ad quo actio Ecclesiae tendit") and the source from which she draws all her strength ("unde, omnis ejus virtus emanat") (SC 10) mass has absolute priority -- under normal circumstance over any other expression of devotion -- we are requested to concentrate our attention on the sacred actions of the memorial of Jesus' passion, death and resurrection as is celebrated in Holy Mass.

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