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Prayer: Touching Jesus for Healing

Prayer: Touching Jesus for Healing

Touching Him to Get Well

– Saint Bernadette Soubirous

O Jesus, grant me, I beg you,
The bread of strength to break my will and to weld it to yours,
The bread of interior mortification,
The bread of detachment from creatures,
The bread of patience to bear the pains which my heart suffers.
O Jesus, you wish me crucified, fiat.

O Mary, Mother of Sorrows, at the foot of the Cross you received the title of our Mother. I am the child of your sorrows, the child of Calvary. Mary, my tender Mother, here is your child, who can do no more. Have pity on me. Grant that I may be in heaven one day with you. You who have seen and felt the terrible desolation of your dear Son, assist me now in mine.

Nothing means anything more to me but Jesus. Neither places nor things nor persons nor ideas nor feelings nor honors nor sufferings can turn me away from Jesus. For me he is all honor and charm and heart and spirit. Him whom I love is my native land, he is my heaven already! My treasure! My love! My happiness consists only in Jesus and in him crucified ... in an intimate union with Jesus, heart to heart with Jesus like Saint John, in purity and love.

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