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All About Mary

Prayer at Vatican Lourdes Grotto by Pope John Paul II

Prayer at the Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican Gardens

O blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Mother of Christ,
Mother of the Church, look upon us mercifully at this hour.
Virgin faithful, pray for us. Teach us to believe as you
believed. Make our faith in God, in Christ, in the
Church, always to be serene, courageous, strong, and generous.
Mother worthy of love. Mother of faithful love, pray
for us. Teach us to love God and our brothers and sisters
as you loved them: make our love for others to be
always patient, kindly, and respectful.
Cause of our joy, pray for us. Teach us to be able to
grasp, in faith, the paradox of Christian joy, which
springs up and blooms from sorrow, renunciation, and
union with your sacrificed Son. Make our joy to be
always genuine and full, in order to be able to
communicate it to all. Amen.


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