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Pope John Paul II Prayers

Pope John Paul II Prayers

Prayers by Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)

Be with us more and more. Meet us more and more often because we need it so much. Speak to us by your motherhood, by your simplicity and by holiness. Speak to us by your Immaculate Conception! Speak to us continually! And obtain for us the grace–even if we are distant–of not becoming insensitive to your presence in our midst. Amen

Accept us! Look into our hearts! Accept our concerns and our hopes! Help us, you who are full of grace, to live in grace, to persevere in grace, and, if necessary, to return to the grace of the living God, which is man’s greatest and supernatural good.

Prepare us for your Son’s coming! Accept us! With our everyday problems, our weaknesses and deficiencies, our crises, and personal, family and social shortcomings. Do not let us lose goodwill! Do not let us lose sincerity of conscience and uprightness of behavior! With your prayer, obtain justice for us. Safeguard peace in the whole world!

In a short time we shall all leave this place. We wish, however, to return to our homes with this joyful certainty that you are with us, you, Mary Immaculate, you, chosen for centuries to be Mother of the Redeemer. Be with us. Be with Rome. Be with the Church and with the world. Amen.

Mother of the Church, grant that the Church may enjoy freedom and peace in fulfilling her saving mission and that to this end she may become mature with a new maturity of faith and inner unity. Help us to overcome opposition and difficulties. Help us to rediscover all the simplicity and dignity of the Christian vocation. Grant that there may be no lack of “laborers in the Lord’s vineyard.”

Sanctify families. Watch over the souls of the young and the hearts of the children. Help us to overcome the great moral threats against the fundamental spheres of life and love. Obtain for us the grace to be continually renewed through all the beauty of witness given to the cross and resurrection of your Son. Amen

Mother, I commend and entrust to you all that goes to make up earthly progress, asking that it should not be one-sided, but that it should create conditions for the full spiritual advancement of individuals, families, communities, and nations.

I commend to you the poor, the suffering, the sick and the handicapped, the aging, and the dying. I ask you to reconcile those in sin, to heal those in pain, and to uplift those who have lost their hope and joy. Show to those who struggle in doubt the light of Christ your Son. Amen.

Source: A Marian Prayer Book : A Treasury of Prayers, Hymns, and Meditations, edited by Pamela Moran

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