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Placement of Marian Statues

Placement of Marian Statues

Q: Is there a particular place in the Church where a statue of Mary may be placed?

A: Statues of Mary can be placed at practically any location within a church provided it be the proper place. Let me explain. Mary's statue should not take the place of Jesus, the Father, the Spirit or the Eucharist; for example, it would not be proper to have a Marian image at the center of the church and put the tabernacle or the cross/crucifix at a secondary location. At one time the patron saint of the church was painted/sculpted on the altarpiece above the tabernacle. It was also customary to have a Marian side altar (on the right side of the church). In both cases the hierarchy of holy images was safeguarded. In any event Marian images should be placed so as to always lead to Jesus, Eucharist, crucifix, Trinity and not distract from them or take their place.

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