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Nuestra Señora de Olvido, Triunfo y Misericordias

Nuestra Señora de Olvido, Triunfo y Misericordias

Q: Who is Our Lady of Olvido, Triunfo and Misericordias?

A: The title of "Olvido Triunfo y Misericordias" at Guadalajara is typical for monasteries and parishes of the order of Franciscan Conceptionists (Conceptionistas Franciscanas). The title is relatively little known but can be assimilated with the titles highlighting Mary's mediation. The image was venerated in a special way by the Servant of God Sister Maria de los Dolores y Patrocinio (Sor Patrocinio) of the order mentioned above. She and her community took possession of the convent and church, formerly occupied by the Carmelites, in 1868, but had to flee the country this same year at the outbreak of the Spanish Revolution. They returned from France in 1877 and dedicated themselves to the education of girls and young women. The image of Olvido, Triunfo y Misericordias embellishes the principal altar of the church. A description of 1901 speaks of a very old image, highly venerated by the community. It doesn't say anything about the meaning of the title but adds: "parece que esta comunidad de religiosas posee una extensa y detallada relación o historia," which would eventually be published (see: Fr. Francisco Marin, Breve Noticia..., 95-97). I don't know if this ever happened.

The description of 1901 mentions the presence of a dragon at the foot of mother and child, and the fact that the dragon is chained, the chain being held by the mother. This would seem to be an explanation for part of the appellation, meaning "triumph". Mary is the victrix over evil, in particular original sin, and thus can be invoked as mother of mercies. The first word: "olvido" should probably not be read as forgetfulness but as forgotten. There is in Spain at least one other image of Mary called Our Lady of Olvido where the representation had been literally lost or forgotten over a long period of time, and eventually was retrieved by chance. The same might have happened with this image, literally or at least morally. A more recent document, a prayer card states the nine promises given by Our Lady to Sor Patrocinio. It results from these texts that Our Lady herself during an apparition in 1831 in Madrid formulated this title, and that indeed it reflects her complaint about people's "forgetfulness" of her presence and action.

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