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Music for Easter

Music for Easter

Marian Music by Titles and Categories Under Seasons

Sources and Key

The following is a compilation of Marian hymns from major Protestant and Catholic hymnals. 

Sources: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant. Traditional, Contemporary, Original.
Based on: Scripture, Liturgy, Patristics, Contemporary Spirituality.
Categories: chant, traditional, contemporary, ecumenical, art songs.



Regina Caeli:

Regina caeli laetare, alleluia: Quia quem meruisti portare, alleluia: Resurrexit, sicut dixit, allelluia: Ora pro nobis Deum, alleluia.
(Ant. -Liber, p. 275 & p. 278)



Be Joyful, Mary:

Be joyful, Mary, heav'nly queen, Alleluia! Your son who died was living seen, Alleluiia! Rejoice, rejoice, O Mary! (or) Laetare, O Maria!
The son you bore by heaven's grace, Alleluia! Did all our guilt and sin efface, Alleluia! Rejoice, rejoice, O Mary!
The Lord has risen from the dead, Alleluia! He rose in glory as he said, Alleluia! Rejoice, rejoice, O Mary!
O pray to God, O Virgin fair, Alleluia! That he our souls to heaven bear, Alleluia! Rejoice, rejoice, O Mary!
(PMB #77)

O Queen of Heaven:

O Queen of heaven, be joyful, Alleluia. The Son whom you did bury in sorrow, Alleluia. Rose in splendor as he promised, Alleluia. Pray for your children, Mary, Alleluia.
(PMB #67)

One in Joyful Songs of Praise:

One in joyful songs of praise, Let us pass from mournful days To thy Paschal mysery: "God arose who lived in thee! O Virgin Mary.
Now rejoice we at the sight Of thy Son in Easter light; Mother, let thy risen King, Rise in us a living spring, O Virgin Mary.
All the earth and heavens vie To reecho Mary's joy; We are crowned with thee in grace, Sinless flower of our race, O Virgin Mary.
Ever Blessed Trinity, Undivided Unity, Let thy grace through Mary flow On God's children here below. O Virgin Mary.
(PMB #72)



Regina Caeli - Howells


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