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Montfort, Statues by

Statues by Montfort

– Answered by Father Johann Roten, S.M.

Q: Is it true that St. Louis-Marie de Montfort carved statues of Mary?

A: In the course of his many popular missions, Montfort restored a number of chapels and commissioned sacred art. Early on, he painted small devotional art. In later years he came to the understanding that sculpted art was more appropriate and dignified than devotional paintings. He did some sculpted work, Marian and other. Information about specific Marian statues is mainly based on oral tradition. To mention only two examples: a small Virgin and Child on top of his walking staff, or Our Lady of Wisdom. Copies of these and other statues are sometimes attributed to Montfort.

In our holdings, we have the following pictures of carved images below that are works attributed to St. Louis-Marie de Montfort.

Notre-Dame de la Sagesse Polychrome wooden statue carved by St. Louis-Marie de Monfort
Notre-Dame de la Sagesse polychrome wooden statue carved by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort

The Virgin Sculpture attributed to St. Louis-Marie de Monfort
The Virgin attributed to St. Louis-Marie de Montfort

La Dame Blanche de Landemont Statue attributed to St. Louis-Marie de Monfort
La Dame Blanche de Landemont attributed to St. Louis-Marie de Montfort

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