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Marpingen Apparitions

Marpingen Apparitions

Q: What can you tell me about apparitions in Marpingen, Germany?

A: We receive regular information on Marpingen (Saarland, Germany) where Mary purportedly appeared for the first time in 1876. The apparitions lasted from 7/3 - 9/3/1876. Mary appeared as the Immaculata asking the three girl-seers for prayer and a holy life. She pointed the visionaries to a wellspring whose water was said to have healing qualities. Mary, before leaving the children, promised to return. Ecclesiastical authorities of the time explicitly rejected these apparitions.

In 1983 (July 16) Mary appeared to a farmer and dictated a message which deplores the negative attitude of people regarding the first apparition in 1876. She announces war and catastrophes and asks the Pope to solemnly declare the final Marian dogma of Mary co-redemptrix, mediatrix and advocate. The second apparition is not officially recognized by the Church.

Photo of the shrine

The third ongoing apparition to three ladies can be studied by visiting the following German websites containing information about Marpingen:

Erscheinungsstätte Marpingen / Die Gottesmutter von Marpingen (Marpingen, Place of Apparition)

Fr. Jörg Müller (Interview)

The most recent pronouncement by the Catholic Church on these events was made by the Bishop of Trier, Dr. Reinhard Marx. On December 13, 2005, he published the following decree:

"It cannot be confirmed that the events of Marpingen during the years 1876 and 1999 were of supernatural character. There are serious reasons which do not allow us to recognize the events as supernatural."

Trier, December 12, 2005

Dr. Reinhard Marx
Bishop of Trier

Werner Rõssel
Chancellor of the Trier Diocese

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