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Mariological Congress Joint Resolution

Mariological Congress Joint Resolution

Joint Resolution by the Delegates of the XII International Mariological Congress and the XIX International Marian Congress

Czestochowa, Poland
Feast of the Blessed Virgin of Jasna Gora, 1996

Whereas, His holiness, Pope John Paul II enjoins everyone to prepare for and celebrate the great jubilee of our redemption which promises to be a "new springtime in the life of our Church";

Whereas, it is right and fitting that this Advent of the Third Millennium be animated by the spirit of Mary to whom the Holy Father has entrusted this preparation, as it is through her that the Incarnation was accomplished,

We, delegates of the International Marian Congress, representing various Marian Apostolates of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, coming from countries in all the continents of the world; committing ourselves with all our strength to answer the call of the Holy Father as we renew with him our "hope in the definitive coming of the Kingdom of God";

Hereby solemnly resolve: to imbibe the spirit of Tertio Millennio Adveniente by working for the attainment of its primary objective: "the strengthening of faith and of the witness of Christians," with the Blessed Virgin Mary as our model and guide; to promote and implement the following program as our common agenda for the Advent of the Third Millennium with Mary:


In this year dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall endeavor to become his authentic disciples, as "communicators of Faith," in a society that seems resigned to incredulity.

We shall strive for union with Jesus through Mary, union with his heart in union with her maternal love. Mary - model of faith - in her womb the Word became flesh.


In this year we turn our gaze to the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus to renew the face of the earth. With the Spirit as "primary agent" of evangelization, we shall endeavor to become "communicators of hope" in a world that is frequently tempted to despair.

The Holy Spirit, with Mary, forms Jesus in us. We shall strive for this union of the Holy Spirit and Mary in our souls so that they can reproduce Jesus in each one of us. Mary - woman of hope - docile to the voice of the Spirit.


In this year of God the Father, we shall more intensely pray "May your kingdom come! May your will be done!" We shall endeavor to become "communicators of love" in the midst of much suffering and unbridled egoism.

We shall strive to be like Mary, faithful daughter of the Father, giving witness to the transforming work of justice and holiness.

Mary - handmaid of the Lord - revealing to us that God is Love.

- Together with the Holy Father, we entrust ourselves to Mary, the Mother of Fairest Love. She will be for us the Star which safely guides our steps to the Lord.

- During this Advent of years, 1997 to 1999, we shall strive to encourage the consecration of individuals and families, parishes and dioceses in every nation to the SACRED HEART OF JESUS The Incarnate Word together with the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY through whom he became incarnate, so that all men and women of the new millennium shall be led towards the One who is "the true light that enlightens every man." And all people may be united in love and peace. To this solemn pledge, we, the delegates of the International Marian Congress affix our signatures and with filial love, we present this pledge to our Holy Father, his holiness, Pope John Paul II, and to all the Episcopal Conferences, all Marian Shrines, Organizations and Communities for their guidance and implementation.

Signed 26 August, the Feast of the Blessed Virgin of Jasna Gora, 1996, in Czestochowa, Poland.

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