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Marienfried Apparitions

Marienfried Apparitions

Q: Do you have any more information about the 1940 Marienfried apparitions in Germany?

A: Marienfried (1946) deals with the purported apparitions of Mary under the titles of Mediatrix of Graces; All Wonderful Mother; Sign of the Living God to Barbara Reuss (born May 13, 1934), which occurred on April 25, May 25 and June 25 of 1946. The primary message deals with prayer, sacrifice, praying of the Rosary, and the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The investigation of the reported apparitions did not produce a decision. There are no prohibitions against these apparitions. It is reported that the Marienfried Shrine, a chapel was built in gratitude for Mary's protection during World War II, has become a center of the Apostolate of the Blue Army in Germany. You may read the following writing: Rev. Martin Rumpf, Divine Love (magazine) #86, 1981, published by: Apostolate of Christian Action.

Photograph of the shrine in the woods hanging on a tree.

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