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Marianists on the Road to Sainthood

Marianists on the Road to Sainthood


Father William Joseph Chaminade 1761-1850 (Founder, Marianist Family)

Brother Carlos Eraña, S.M. 1884-1936 (Martyr, Ciudad Real, Spain)

Brother Fidel Fuidio 1880-1936 (Martyr, Ciudad Real, Spain)

Brother Jesús Hita 1900-1936 (Martyr, Ciudad Real, Spain)

Father Miguel Leibar 1885-1936 (Martyr, Madrid, Spain)

Brother Florencio Arnáiz 1909-1936 (Martyr, Madrid, Spain)

Brother Joaquín Ochoa 1910-1936 (Martyr, Madrid, Spain)

Brother Sabino Ayasty 1911-1936  (Martyr, Madrid, Spain)

Father Jakob Gapp 1897-1943 (Martyr, Berlin, Germany)


Mother Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon (Mother Marie of the Conception) 1789-1828 (Founder, Marianist Family)

Mother Marie-Thérèse Charlotte de Lamourous 1754-1836 (Founder, Marianist Family)

Servants of God

Faustino Pérez-Manglano 1946-1963 (Consecrated Marianist Sodalist and Aspirant)

Father Domingo Lázaro, S.M. 1877-1935 (Priest, master teacher)

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