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Magisterial Documents Index

Marian Magisterial Documents Index

Magisterial documents studied in this section are documents with a Marian content dealing with doctrine and/or devotion. They are written by the pope directly or emanate from various Vatican congregations and offices. Magisterial documents are also the result of episcopal synods convocated by the pope, diocesan synods, pastoral letters, and, most important, documents of ecumenical councils and regional gatherings.

It is one of the tasks of the International Marian Research Institute to examine magisterial documents as to their Marian content and to make this content available to students of Marian theology. The presentation is made in two ways: (1) generically and chronologically; (2) analytically and thematically

You may also be interesed to know that beginning with the pontificate of Benedict XVI, the International Marian Research Institute has collected and made available extracts of papal pronouncements, comments and devotional expressions. This is an ongoing project. These extracts are published every month under the title "Marian Thoughts." View the Marian Thoughts of Pope Benedict XVI compiled from April 2005 through February 2013. View the Marian Thoughts of Pope Francis compiled since March, 2013.

Chronological Approach

This chronological approach includes Marian contents of magisterial documents from the beginning of theological investigation.


Thematic Approach

This thematic and analytical presentation analyzes magisterial documents with a Marian content according to eight major themes: Mary's relation to God the Father, to her Son Jesus Christ, to the Holy Spirit, and to the Church; Mary as a person; the life of Mary; Marian devotion as well as pastoral and catechetical aspects. The study of Marian themes was begun with Lumen Gentium and is ongoing.


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